Thursday, August 27, 2009

WELL Ya Know

Don't run at the sound of the title of this next movie request - it's really quite funny, if you can get past all the language... Ever heard of a movie called "Newsies"? Well, I'm not surprised if you haven't because apparently, not many people have. My friends had the good sense to share it with me last summer and I'm still obsessed with it. "Newsies" is a movie (a Disney musical, actually, made in 1992ish) about poor orphans and run-aways who deal with the hardships of selling 'papes (that's Newsie language for "newspapers" - see, you learn a little about the 1890s. It's fun and educational! Yay!) and all the while try to make their way in the world. Not only can these boys dance and sing, but they are pretty cute... not to mention a very young Christian Bale who plays the lead. But let's get back to the picture above. The cast of "Newsies" made a separate short film while off screen and someone posted it to youtube. They called it "Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square" and it's about Don Knotts, a bitter old washed-out actor bent on revenge as he tries to get a part in the movie. Of course he's denied the part and he then goes on to kill each and every Newsie he can get his hands on. It sounds gruesome but it is really very funny - again, all the swearing may take a little getting used to. SO, this picture is of Specs as he portrays Don Knotts, the psycho newsie-killer.

That was a longer explanation than needed, sorry about that.

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