Thursday, August 27, 2009

So THAT'S Where Those Socks Went...

Hullo, I bet you're wondering why I've decided to start my own site - I have been asking myself the very same thing, as a matter of fact. But, you know, I figure I should find a way to show the world what I'm made of - no better place then the web, eh? So, who am I? Let me introduce myself: I am a big sister, big fan of Johnny Depp, with a big fear of politics, I have a big love for drawing, a big problem with spiders, a big tolerance for people who think I'm dumber than I really am, a big believer of optimism, I have big hips, and I have a HUGE wish to get through college with my head held high. But enough about me... actually, this is my site, so get ready to hear a lot more about me. Let me take you to a magical place of old drawings, new drawings, funny quotes, college woes, rambling rants, and holy pants.

Enjoy, and welcome to my site - I hope you like it more than I do.

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