Thursday, August 27, 2009

WELL Ya Know

Don't run at the sound of the title of this next movie request - it's really quite funny, if you can get past all the language... Ever heard of a movie called "Newsies"? Well, I'm not surprised if you haven't because apparently, not many people have. My friends had the good sense to share it with me last summer and I'm still obsessed with it. "Newsies" is a movie (a Disney musical, actually, made in 1992ish) about poor orphans and run-aways who deal with the hardships of selling 'papes (that's Newsie language for "newspapers" - see, you learn a little about the 1890s. It's fun and educational! Yay!) and all the while try to make their way in the world. Not only can these boys dance and sing, but they are pretty cute... not to mention a very young Christian Bale who plays the lead. But let's get back to the picture above. The cast of "Newsies" made a separate short film while off screen and someone posted it to youtube. They called it "Blood Drips Heavily on Newsies Square" and it's about Don Knotts, a bitter old washed-out actor bent on revenge as he tries to get a part in the movie. Of course he's denied the part and he then goes on to kill each and every Newsie he can get his hands on. It sounds gruesome but it is really very funny - again, all the swearing may take a little getting used to. SO, this picture is of Specs as he portrays Don Knotts, the psycho newsie-killer.

That was a longer explanation than needed, sorry about that.

A Mighty Pirate

Please tell me you've heard of Guybrush Threepwood? No? So, you haven't heard of "Curse of Monkey Island"? Well, that's a shame, it really is. You are missing out on something amazing, my friends. Do yourselves the favor of going out into the world and go buy yourselves this game. While you're at it, buy "Grim Fandango", too. TRUST ME, I wouldn't lie... I'm like Honest Abe that way. He was totally rocking that stove-top hat back then.

Illustration: Because I'm Just That Crazy

Okay, so I'm going to an Arts College to study (can you guess it?) ART. Thank you Captain Obvious. I am going to be concentrating on Illustration and it just so happened that a friend of mine wanted me to make a cover for a story they wrote - cool, right? - before I go. So this is how it turned out and it looks WAY better than the first version - believe me.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Ride the Big Crocodile

Alright, you've seen a little of what I can do with pencils and pens, so I'm gonna throw some Photoshop at you - aha! Mm-hm, it's true: sometimes you just gotta ride the big crocodile... though I don't actually know what that's supposed to mean... I'll learn one day. Ha ha ha, I can just see Steve Irwin saying something like "Danger, danger, danger!"

Is It True What They Say About "Black Socks"? They Never Get Dirty? The longer you wear them, the stronger they get?

Alright, this one is much more up-to-date (2009) - unlike the last post, this one looks a little more like me but caricature-like. Oh, hey, I did a caricature gig recently and I had a... fun... time? Yeah, it was pretty fun. In a nutshell: went to a caricature gig for a company party, took my sister, drew lots of people, met two guys (Patrick and Matt) who thought we were 21, they asked to dance with us, we danced, they were bummed when they found out we were 16 and 18, ...still danced with them, we left. And even though they were drunk at the time, they were still really fun to dance with! Moral of the story: it's okay to be crazy... sometimes.

Ugh! These Socks REEK!

Would you care to see some old artwork? Well, even if you don't, I'm throwing some out there anyway. This OLD, wicked old - 2006 old. It was supposed to be me... ugh. At least I can say I've improved since then and I only hope to get better.

So THAT'S Where Those Socks Went...

Hullo, I bet you're wondering why I've decided to start my own site - I have been asking myself the very same thing, as a matter of fact. But, you know, I figure I should find a way to show the world what I'm made of - no better place then the web, eh? So, who am I? Let me introduce myself: I am a big sister, big fan of Johnny Depp, with a big fear of politics, I have a big love for drawing, a big problem with spiders, a big tolerance for people who think I'm dumber than I really am, a big believer of optimism, I have big hips, and I have a HUGE wish to get through college with my head held high. But enough about me... actually, this is my site, so get ready to hear a lot more about me. Let me take you to a magical place of old drawings, new drawings, funny quotes, college woes, rambling rants, and holy pants.

Enjoy, and welcome to my site - I hope you like it more than I do.